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Aguila Film Festival (AFF) is the first ever online festival in the Philippines that is happening monthly which is open to all genre. Just like an "Aguila (Eagle)" we give freedom to all filmmakers to showcase their craft with us with a minimum requirement of 3 minutes to maximum limits of 30 mins. We help starter, students, amateur or even professionals see the greatness in them and soar high by acknowledging that through our festival.

Every month we collect top 3 films, irregardless of the genre, that deserve the title of "Movies of the Month". It will be posted in our social media which also helps in the promotion of your film.Then, these monthly winners will receive certificates and laurel and they will also qualify to proceed in the annual awarding which will give them the chance to win (cash & trophy)*.

*Cash Prize will be announce soon*
*Trophy is not for free. An agreement will be sent via email for those who wish to receive it.*

We basically trim down our criteria for selecting the best of the best films as follows:

Originality, Content and Creativity - 50%
Impact and Delivery - 30%
PAMS (Poster,Audio, Music, Style) - 20%

No matter if you're a starter, a shy filmmaker, a master, professional or even a legendary in film making, everyone is welcome here.

Send in your entries now for you to become one of the pioneers in our festival.

Awards & Prizes

Monthly Winners - Laurel and Certificates + Film Promotion to our social media accounts

Annual Winners - Cash and Trophy

Rules & Terms

Please read before submitting.

AFF Rules and Regulations:

1. All films are accepted irregardless of genre and date of release, as long as, it's minimum 1 to 2:59 mins for Micro Short Film; 3 mins to 39 mins for Short Category while over 40 mins with maximum of 120 mins for Feature Category.
2. The decision of the invited jury is final and undisputable.
3. Afar from posting the results our main contact for all the winners will be via email for privacy and security reasons. But if you have questions about the our festivals, you can always reach us through our social media platforms.
4. Make sure to follow and like our social media accounts so that you will be notified and updated for any possible changes or updates regarding the festival.
5. We don't accept refund. If theres an error in transaction upon purchasing, please contact filmfreeway team. But if it already goes through and was successfully submitted that means it's final. So make sure to double check before you submit. Also, AFF cannot provide refunds for submissions that do not meet eligibility criteria or are otherwise deemed to be disqualified under these regulations.
6. There will be honorable mention depending if it also qualifies. You will also receive certificate & laurel and will be posted in social media.
7. Prior submitting, you allow or permit our festival to watch your film for critic and judgement purposes. You also allow us to use your poster, a portion or some scene of the film, trailers and pictures to be used by AFF for further promotion of your film via our social media platform.
8. We have the right to forfeit or disqualify winners/submitter if we notice some malicious or indescent behaviour towards our festival. This include ranting on social media, posting negative/false stories, so on. We discourage negativity on the event for we promote optimism. Although, this is a festival, which means not everyone can be a winner so we suggest to be sports with the outcome. Maybe it's not your time yet.
9. Every film will be judge according to the criteria as our invited jury will brainstorm the best of the best until we finally come up with the final 3.
10. For foreign films or films that is not in English language, make sure to have a subtitles for the jury to fully understand the dialogue of the film
11. In the event that there will be delay regarding with the posting of the results and if in case there will be changes on the event date, you will be notify on our fb page.
12. AFF has the right to change, move, update, pause or cancel any changes in the events, dates, as well as any specifics involve in the festival.
13. Lastly, by submitting to our festival means you own all the rights of the film which includes the music, sound effects, visuals, so on... The festival is not responsible for any rights or legalities that involve in the film submission. Failure to abide this rule will cause for the entry to be disqualified. Please comply.

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Dates & Deadlines
Categories & Fees
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