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  • Online Festival / Awards Event

The Italy Red Carpet – Fantastic Film is an Italian International Festival which takes place in Tuscany.
This Festival wants to celebrate cinematic talents, emerging talents, original films.
An opportunity to be recognized in Italy and in the world.
The Mission of the I.R.C. is to support new directors and emerging talent in their careers. We offer a fair space and meritocratic recognition.
This festival takes place ON-Line because we want to create opportunities for everyone.
We pay attention to all the works and for this reason we offer various prize possibilities with a low-budget registration fee.
Cinema belongs to everyone! Good luck !

Awards & Prizes

Official Selection:
All films deemed suitable will be selected and will effectively compete for a prize.
Amateur content or poor audio are not eligible.
The events take place every 4 months.
Categories – Genres – Admission – Language:
Category FEATURE MOVIE (max.130″) – ALL GENRES
SHORT MOVIE Category (max.20″) – ALL GENRES
Special Category SHORT MOVIE (max.20″) – SILENT FILM
DOCUMENTARY Special Category (max.20″)
Films that have already been distributed theatrically and on-demand in Italy are NOT Admitted
Movies in all languages ​​are allowed.
Subtitles in Italian or English ARE MANDATORY for all films in languages ​​other than Italian and English. If the films are in Italian or English, subtitles are not mandatory.

Miglior Lungometraggio
Miglior Cortometraggio
Miglior Lungometraggio Indipendente
Miglior Cortometraggio Indipendente
Miglior Serie Pilota- Short
Miglior Serie Pilota- Feature
Miglior Film Animato – Feature
Miglior Film Animato – Short
Miglior Documentario
Miglior Film Muto – Short
Miglior Film Muto – Feature
Miglior Trailer
Miglior Film Horror – Short
Miglior Film Horror – Feature
Miglior Film Sci-Fi- Feature
Miglior Film Sci-Fi- Short
Miglior Film Action – Short
Miglior Film Action – Feature
Miglior Film di Avventura – Short
Miglior Film di Avventura – Feature
Miglior Film Fantasy – Short
Miglior Film Fantasy – Feature
Miglior Film di Genere
Miglior Scenografia
Migliori Effetti Speciali Visivi – VFX
Migliori Effetti Speciali Sonori – SFX
Miglior Film LGBTQ
Miglior Film Sociale
Miglior Regista Esordiente – Feature
Miglior Regista Esordiente – Short
Miglior Sceneggiatura
Miglior Produttore
Miglior Produzione
Miglior Attore / Miglior Attrice
Miglior Attore Bambino / Miglior Attrice Bambina
Miglior Cast
Miglior Stunt Performer
Miglior Fotografia
Miglior Trucco
Migliori Costumi
Miglior Prop / Effetti pratici
Miglior Colonna Sonora
Miglior Suono
Miglior Editing
Miglior Post Produzione
Miglior Poster
Migliori Ambientazioni / Location
Migliori Riprese / Drone
Migliori Coreografie
Migliore Sceneggiatura Emozionale
Miglior Idea Filmografica
Miglior Film Low Budget – Short
Miglior Film Low Budget – Feature
Miglior Film Hight Budget – Short
Miglior Film Hight Budget – Feature
Miglior Film Assoluto – tutte le categorie

Rules & Terms

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS AND VICTORIES : Free Digital Certificate in JPG format
TROPHY: Possibility to request the customized “BEST TROPHY CHROMALUX” Trophy.
Satin patented aluminum, HD sublimation printing, bright colors, 15×20 cm., table stand.
Cost of the Trophy request Euro 50.00
With your Trophy you can make a small video (max. 10 sec.) which will be published on our Network Channels
The decisions of the selection committee and the jury are final.
If a film is selected, the Festival organization will officially contact the participants by email.
The titles of the selected and winning films will be advertised on the Festival's web and social channels.

The organization of the Festival reserves the right to decide on controversial cases.
The Organization does NOT provide the distribution of the work.

Terms. If you participate:
you agree to use parts of your Film including Trailer/Teaser/Locandine/Still/Photo for promotional purposes on the Web, Social and Media, relieving the organization of this Festival from any liability;
registration fees are non-refundable;
by subscribing to the Italy Red Carpet – Fantastic Film Festival you agree to receive promotional emails from the Festival itself and its Partners;
The Festival organizers reserve the right to make changes to the awarding of the Prizes, where the Jury deems it necessary
the organization does not consider itself responsible for management and recognition other than its own page on WFCN

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