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  • Film Festival with Live Screenings
  • Music / Songwriting Contest
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The Russian Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts Awards (RICPA), is a part of the Russian Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts Film Society. It represents a prestigious accolade dedicated to recognizing excellence in the realm of cinematic arts.

The RICPA is proud to present the inaugural edition of the RICPA Film Festival. This cultural event is dedicated to the celebration of cinema, the exploration of visual storytelling, and the promotion of artistic expression through the medium of film. RICPA, an esteemed institution known for its commitment to nurturing talent and preserving the rich heritage of Russian and global cinema, takes pride in introducing this unique cinematic celebration. Our festival stands as a beacon of cinematic creativity, a celebration of storytelling, and a testament to our commitment to the art of film. RICPA, with its distinguished history in film education, the preservation of cinematic heritage, and the cultivation of a thriving film society, is honored to bring this unique cinematic event to life.
The RICPA Film Society, an integral component of our institution, has played a vital role in fostering a thriving film community.

Established in parallel with RICPA, the Film Society has consistently striven to advance the appreciation and understanding of cinema, enriching the lives of its members and the wider community. It has achieved this through educational programs, film screenings, and a commitment to preserving the legacy of cinematic art.

The Russian Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts Awards (RICPA), serves as a vibrant hub for the celebration and exploration of the art of cinema. Our primary aim is to foster cinematic education, inviting members and the wider community to deepen their understanding of film as an art form. Through courses, workshops, seminars, and film discussions, we aim to ignite a passion for cinema and facilitate a more profound appreciation for its history and cultural significance. By curating diverse film selections, including classics, contemporary works, and those from various cultures, our main aim is to contribute to cultural exchange, promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. Our organization plays a vital role in supporting emerging filmmakers, offering a platform for showcasing their work and connecting them with a knowledgeable and supportive community.

In addition, we contribute to the preservation of cinematic heritage by curating and showcasing classic films and participating in restoration and archival efforts. Through film screenings, retrospectives, film festivals, and other cinematic events, we enable members and the public to immerse themselves in the art of film, fostering a dynamic and engaging film culture.

Furthermore, our society aims to encourage film criticism and scholarship, promoting the critical analysis of films and contributing to the field of film studies. We are proud to say that our impact extends to the social and cultural spheres, allowing for discussions and dialogues about relevant issues through the lens of cinema. The RICPA Film Festival is a natural extension of the Film Society's dedication to promoting the art of cinema. It encapsulates the essence of our commitment to nurturing creativity, educating aspiring filmmakers, and preserving cinematic heritage. The festival serves as a global platform for the Film Society to connect with audiences, expand its influence, and celebrate the diversity of cinematic storytelling.

Awards & Prizes

At the Russian Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts Film Festival, we believe in celebrating the art of filmmaking and recognizing outstanding contributions to the world of cinema. To honor the exceptional talent and creativity within the film community, we offer a range of awards and prizes and winners receive a trophy, medal, and certificate along with a wide range of gifts and goodies. Not only this, winners as well as nominees get a chance to be a part of the global film community.

At the Russian Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts Awards, our commitment to the art of filmmaking is reflected in our dedication to celebrating and honoring exceptional contributions to the world of cinema. We take immense pride in providing a platform that recognizes the outstanding achievements of filmmakers and their profound impact on the storytelling medium.

Our festival offers a diverse array of awards and prizes that encompass various facets of the filmmaking process, from exceptional direction and mesmerizing performances to captivating storytelling and remarkable technical craftsmanship. These accolades are a testament to the passion, creativity, and innovation that filmmakers, both emerging talents and seasoned professionals, bring to the cinematic landscape.

Our mission extends beyond mere recognition; we strive to foster a dynamic film community that values diversity, cross-cultural understanding, and the nurturing of emerging talent. By celebrating the art of cinema through our awards and prizes, we aim to inspire and empower filmmakers to push the boundaries of their craft, tell stories that resonate with audiences on a global scale, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the cinematic arts. We firmly believe that the power of film transcends borders and languages, and our festival stands as a beacon of cinematic excellence, providing a platform for creativity, dialogue, and cultural enrichment. Through our awards and prizes, we aspire to shine a spotlight on the incredible talent that continues to shape and redefine the world of film, enriching our collective cinematic experience. Our awards program is an embodiment of our commitment to celebrating, nurturing, and promoting creativity within the film community. RICPA, with its illustrious history in film education and its longstanding tradition of preserving cinematic heritage, is proud to introduce this initiative that echoes our dedication to the art of film.

Rules & Terms

1. Submission Eligibility:
• Films must meet the specified criteria for length, genre, and format.
• Films not in the English language must be submitted with English subtitles.

2. Submission Process:
• Filmmakers should submit their films through the official festival submission platform.
• The festival reserves the right to reject any submission that doesn't comply with the specified guidelines.
• Filmmakers even if they withdraw their submission, the submission fee is non-refundable.

3. Copyright and Permissions:
• Filmmakers must ensure they have obtained all necessary rights, licenses, and permissions for their submitted works, including music and other copyrighted materials.
• The festival is not responsible for any legal issues or claims related to the films.

4. Selection Process:
• Submissions will be evaluated by a qualified jury or selection committee.
• Selection decisions are final and non-negotiable.
• Filmmakers will be promptly notified of the festival's selection decisions.

5. Screenings:
• The festival may schedule multiple screenings of selected films.
• Screenings may be held in physical venues, depending on the festival's format.
• Filmmakers are encouraged to attend screenings if possible.

6. Awards and Prizes:
• The festival will present awards in various categories, as determined by the festival organizers.
• Award winners will be announced every month on or before the event date. The annual winners will be announced at the annual gala event.

7. Promotion:
• Filmmakers are encouraged to promote their films through festival-specific promotional materials and media.
• The festival reserves the right to use film excerpts and promotional materials for festival marketing.

8. Festival Rights:
• The festival may retain the right to screen winning films in non-commercial screenings post-festival, with proper credits to the filmmakers.
• Filmmakers retain full rights to their work, and the festival will not distribute or sell submitted films.

9. Publicity and Public Relations:
• The festival may use submitted materials, such as stills, trailers, and posters, for promotional purposes.
• Filmmakers may be requested to participate in promotional activities related to the festival.

10. Code of Conduct:
• Attendees, including filmmakers, guests, and festival staff, are expected to follow a code of conduct ensuring a respectful and inclusive environment.

11. Disqualification:
• The festival reserves the right to disqualify any film or filmmaker that violates the festival's rules or engages in unethical behavior.

12. Amendments:
• The festival organizers may amend the rules and regulations at their discretion, with notification to participants.

13. Legal Compliance:
• All participants must adhere to local, national, and international laws related to film submissions, content, and distribution.

It's essential to provide clear and concise rules and regulations on your festival's official website and in your submission guidelines to ensure that filmmakers and participants are well-informed about the festival's requirements and procedures.

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Categories & Fees
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