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Film festivals in Croatia worth travelling for in 2024

Are you ready for a film adventure like no other? Croatia, with its stunning landscapes and rich film culture, offers a bundle of film festivals for film enthusiasts. It hosts a variety of film festivals that showcase the best of local and international cinema

Here are 7 most captivating film festivals in Croatia that are definitely worth traveling for.


Zagreb Film Festival:

At the center of Croatia's capital city is the Zagreb Film Festival, an annual celebration of independent films and avant-garde films. It focuses on showcasing emerging filmmaking talents and innovative filmmaking skills and offers a diverse array of films spanning various film genres. You can engage with filmmakers and film industry professionals, and explore the film culture of Zagreb at this film festival.


Pula Film Festival:

Pula Film Festival is one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in Croatia. Celebrating the best of Croatian and international cinema, this film festival features feature films, documentary films, and short films, with a focus on filmmaking excellence.


Motovun Film Festival:

The Motovun Film Festival is an enchanting celebration of independent and alternative cinema. This film festival offers a setting for film lovers to discover bold and unconventional filmmaking from around the world. From intimate film screenings to lively film related discussions and film workshops, it provides an engaging experience of world cinema.


Split Film Festival:

The Split Film Festival showcases the contemporary Croatian and international cinema around the world. With a focus on promoting new filmmakers and cultural exchange through film, this film festival offers film screenings and special film events that appeal to film audiences of all ages.


Croatian Minute Movie Cup:

The Croatian Minute Movie Cup, a unique film festival that challenges filmmakers to tell compelling stories in just one minute. This film festival celebrates the art of short-form filmmaking and provides a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their filmmaking talent.


Liburnia Film Festival:

At Liburnia, the Liburnia Film Festival is a celebration of cinema from the Adriatic region and beyond. It offers filmsfilm workshops, and special film events. This film festival is a unique opportunity to explore the film culture heritage.


Documentary Rock Film Festival:

Find out about the best music documentary films from around the world at Documentary Rock Film Festival, Croatia's premier documentary film festival dedicated to the intersection of music and cinema. Experience the thrill of live performances; meet filmmakers and musicians at this immersive film festival.


Lastly, the film festivals of Croatia offer a diverse and enriching array of filmmaking experiences that celebrate the art of filmmaking in all its forms. These film festivals provide a unique opportunity to explore Croatian cinema, discover new filmmakers and connect with fellow film enthusiasts from around the world. So pack your bags, book your tickets, and get ready for a filmmaking journey you won't soon forget!


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