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Most Popular Short Films of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has an illustrious history in the world of cinema, not only in producing iconic feature films but also in the creation of compelling and innovative British Short Films. These succinct cinematic gems are crafted with precision, offering powerful storytelling within a limited timeframe. From heartwarming tales to thought-provoking narratives, the UK's short films have left an indelible mark on the global film landscape.

The landscape of short films in the UK is rich and diverse, encompassing various genres and storytelling techniques. Some of the most popular and critically acclaimed British Short Films have gained recognition not only within the UK but also on the international stage. These include "The Phone Call," directed by Mat Kirkby and James Lucas, which earned an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2015. The film delicately portrays an emotional conversation between a crisis hotline operator and a suicidal woman, packing a poignant narrative punch within its short duration. Another top-rated UK short film, "Stutterer," directed by Benjamin Cleary, clinched an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2016.

The UK boasts a catalog of British Short Films that have received widespread acclaim. Films such as "The Silent Child" by Chris Overton, an Oscar winner for Best Live Action Short Film in 2018, and "Wasp" directed by Andrea Arnold, which won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2005, stand out for their poignant narratives and authentic storytelling. Moreover, the animated short film "For the Birds" by Ralph Eggleston secured the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2001, capturing hearts with its charm and humor.

Award-winning short films of the UK, including "Home" by Daniel Mulloy, winner of the BAFTA for Best British Short Film in 2017, and "The Curse" by Fyzal Boulifa, recipient of the Best Short Film award at the Cannes Film Festival, exemplify the diverse narratives and cultural exploration prevalent in the UK short film landscape.

The United Kingdom continues to foster a vibrant short film culture, offering platforms and festivals that celebrate and showcase the creativity of emerging and established short filmmakers. Events such as the London Short Film FestivalEncounters Film Festival, and Edinburgh International Film Festival serve as vital hubs, providing exposure and opportunities for filmmakers to exhibit their work and engage with audiences.


Top 20 Short Films of The United Kingdom

In this article we will explore most popular 20 Short Films of The United Kingdom that have left a lasting impact on the audiences worldwide.

The Phone Call (2015)

The Phone Call is a 2015 Oscar Winning British short drama film directed by Mat Kirkby and written by Mat Kirkby and James Lucas. It won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film at the 87th Academy Awards.

Stutterer (2015):

Stutterer is a British short drama film written and directed by Benjamin Cleary and was produced by Serena Armitage and Shan Christopher Ogilvie. The film won Best Live Action Short Film at the 88th Academy Awards.

The Silent Child (2017):

Slick Films released the British sign language short film The Silent Child in 2017. It was written by Rachel Shenton and directed by Chris Overton. It is the tale of six-year-old Libby, who is totally deaf and lives in silence until Shenton's character, a social worker, teaches her sign language.  At the 90th Academy Awards, the movie took home the Live Action Short Film Oscar. After playing for a longer time on BBC iPlayer, the movie made its television premiere to 3.6 million viewers on BBC One.

Wasp (2003):

The British short film Wasp, written and directed by Andrea Arnold, was released in 2003. It also took home the Oscar for Best Live Action Shot in 2004.

Six Shooter (2005):

In 2004, Martin McDonagh wrote and directed the short film Six Shooter, which starred Brendan Gleeson and Rúaidhrí Conroy. It won multiple accolades, including the 78th Academy Awards' Best Live Action Short Film Oscar.

The Eagleman Stag (2010):

Michael Please created a 9-minute stop-motion animated film titled The Eagleman Stag. It's a darkly humorous look at a man's obsession with how our perception of time speeds up as we get older and his attempts to slow it down. The film won The Best Short Animation BAFTA in 2011.

Edmund (2015):

A stop-motion movie directed by Nina Gantz about a peculiar, felted character who, in his quest for self-understanding, slips through floors into the past and the darkest recesses of his psyche. It won the Best Animated Short at BAFTA in 2015.

The Gunfighter (2014):

Eric Kissack is the director of the 2014 short film The Gunfighter. The story, which takes a unique approach to the Western subgenre, centers on a group of people in a saloon who break the fourth wall by being able to hear the movie's narrator.

The Pub (2012):

Director Joseph Pierce's shape-shifting, black-and-white animation transforms a seemingly normal day at a pub in North London into a frighteningly surreal depiction of life at the bottom of society.

Home (2016):

Refugees are the subject of the British-Kosovan drama short film Home. Daniel Mulloy wrote and directed the movie, which stars Holliday Grainger and Jack O'Connell. It was released in the UK cinemas on World Refugee Day 2016. It went on to win the BAFTA Award for Best Short Film after receiving a nomination for the European Film Academy Award.

The Curse (2012):

Inspired by his mother’s childhood in Morocco, Fyzal Boulifa created an emancipation allegory for his Cannes winning and Bafta nominated short film. Produced by Gavin Humphries the film also took home the Fujifilm Prize and was selected for Sundance.

The Voorman Problem (2011):

The Voorman Problem is a 2011 British short film directed and edited by Mark Gill. The Producer of the film was Baldwin Li. The 2011 Warsaw Film Festival hosted the film's world premiere. It received nominations for the BAFTA Award for Best Short Film and the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

The Confession (2010):

The Confession is a 2010 British melodramatic short film. It was directed by Tanel Toom, and written by Caroline Bruckner and Tanel Toom. It was also a Oscar nominated short film.

Wish 143 (2009):

Wish 143 is a 2009 British live action short film. It was written by Tom Bidwell, directed by Ian Barnes, and produced by Samantha Waite.

The Kármán Line (2014):

The Kármán Line is a brilliant Short Film directed by British Filmmaker Oscar Sharp. It won the BIFA for Best British Short in 2014, was nominated for the 2015 Best Short Film BAFTA.

Listen (2014):

A British Short Film directed by Rungano Nyoni a Welsh Filmmaker.

Dog Altogether (2007):

Dog Altogether a BAFTA winning short film written and directed by Paddy Considine. The Short Film follows Joseph, a troubled man whose life intersects with a violent encounter, leading to a transformative bond with a dog.

The Ellington Kid (2012):

The Ellington Kid is a Crime Comedy Thriller short film, directed and written by Dan Sully and released in 2012.

Love Is Blind (2015):

Written and directed by Dan Hodgson, the comic short film Love Is Blind was nominated for a Palm d'Or in 2015.

The Alan Dimension (2016) :

A British Short film by Jac Clinch. The won several prestigious awards. Additionally it also became Officially Selected in the Cannes Film Festival and was also Nominated at the BAFTA under Short Animation category in 2017.


The short film industry in the UK has produced a wide range of storytelling in bite-sized narratives that combine ingenuity, creativity, and emotional depth. These movies serve as evidence of the creativity and skill that are thriving in the British film industry. Whether through animation, drama, comedy, or documentary, each of these films offers a unique and compelling cinematic experience, solidifying the UK's position as a powerhouse of short filmmaking.



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