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All you need to know about Filmmaking

Filmmaking is an art; it requires skill and passion to be a filmmaker. Before getting into filmmaking you need to be clear in your vision, whether you are truly interested in making a film or it’s just like you are making films because you have nothing else to do? Filmmaking is not an easy job one needs to be dedicated and serious enough to get into the job of making a film. Being a filmmaker is like multitasking; you have to be accessible to a lot of work. Starting from story writing to cinematography everything is a filmmaker’s cup of tea.

A filmmaker needs to be imaginative in the first place, without imagination, without the power of thoughtful imagination a filmmaker cannot build up a good plot for his movie. Along with imagination the capability to tell a story in a simple and easy way that attracts and touches the viewer’s heart is important. Telling a story is not enough to be a filmmaker; there are more tough things a filmmaker needs to do. They must have technical knowledge as well; without that direction and cinematography is not possible.

Overall, the profession of filmmaking requires a lot of effort, and each day something new is learned. You need to put your best in order to get your best and that’s how filmmaking works. And the interesting thing is, you learn from your mistakes and that knowledge is priceless.

Kamalika Sarkar