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An updated list of top blog sites about Independent film production and distribution

Time progresses, and with its progression, the position of the best also changes. We realize that. If you could remember, (don’t worry if you don’t; it was Six Best Blog-sites About Independent Film Production & Distribution) we posted a blog quite a while ago, around May. Since then, a diorama of Films and Film festivals changed a lot and there is some changes in the list.

Here’s presenting an updated list of film blog websites, which will sure interest you. If you wish to visit these sites, you may just simply click on the headings and it will redirect you to the site.

No Film School

Brooklyn, New York, US

No Film School is the world’s largest network of independent filmmakers, video editors, and creatives. It is a place where artists may learn from one another without having to go to a “film school.”

WFCN — World Film Community Network

New York, US

This is an adaptable platform. You may send your films to the numerous film festivals mentioned on WFCN, as well as update information about your new project for evaluation and visibility. But the most important aspect of WFCN is WFCN-Professional. It is a social network for ardent cinema aficionados where they can submit ideas and cooperate freely.


Seattle, Santa Monica, New York and Bristol, UK.

Maybe not for film festivals, but IMDb is the most reliable source when it comes to film information. From reviews, what to watch and even where to watch, every information is available on IMDb. Listing your name at this website is quite beneficial for an independent filmmaker.

Raindance | The Home of Independent Film

London, UK

Get Access to the latest articles featuring tips, advice, and insight for emerging filmmakers.

Film Festival Life

Not Disclosed

This website is trending on google search engine right now. Similar to Raindance, this one also focuses on giving tips on filmmaking, film festivals (as its name suggests), and other film dynamics. Great place o learn indeed.

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