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Four Chic Festivals You Can Submit Your Films In April-May

In WFCN, we have film festivals from around the world. Film festivals are places where films can be explored and endorsed by audiences of all ages. New filmmakers need to have their films screened in front of different audiences and cities. The amount of recognition they get in various film festivals directly affects their chances of entering the circle of the esteemed film community. So, festivals are One of the most effective places for Independent Filmmakers.

Here Are Four Glamorous Festivals For You To Submit Your Films In This Month

Brandenburg International Film Festival

Mitte, Germany

Last date of submission: 28th April

About: Brandenburg International Film Festival is powered and organized by independent directors from all over the world. So, this festival is made by engaged film creatives for engaged film creatives and their audience.

Panda International Film Festival

Thane, India

Last date of submission: 25th April

ABOUT: The Panda International Film Fest’s mission is to celebrate the independent motion picture and literary arts by providing a platform for filmmakers and writers to have their work awarded and screened.

Saga De Cine Critics Choice Awards

Santa Barbara, Spain

Last date of submission: 4th May

About: Spain is a colorful country with so many stories to tell; the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, the festival of La Tomatina. Inspired by those spectacular sagas (stories) of the varied land they have brought to you this amazing festival.

Tokyo Short Film Fest

Sinjuku City, Japan

Last date of submission: 21st May

About: The colorful city of Tokyo presents you with an amazing film festival which is named after this beautiful city of Tokyo. The Tokyo Short Film Festival is initiated with the perspective to promote and uplift Independent Films across the globe.


Suchetana Chakraborty