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Film festivals are one place where a pool of talents come together and do networking. Being notable in the top film festival is not a matter of joke. It takes blood, sweat and money to be noticeable among a sea of talent. World’s one of the largest film submission platform, WFCN recently interviewed some successful independent filmmakers this question, all of them had kind of a similar answer.

Below we are writing down few such points which they mentioned. This information is surely helpful for those who want to step into this industry.

Good writing

The base of any film is its story. The better the story is, the better chance of the film being successful. So naturally it is inevitable that in order to be a good filmmaker you need to be good at story and screenplay writing. You need to be able to identify your story’s flaws yourself so that you can correct it. Calcutta International Cult Film Festival director Ritabrita Maiti mentioned that the first thing the jury judges is story first, and then comes to the technicalities.

Linear story tends to get boring over time. Story with plot twist, good climax, and good touches of human emotion goes a long way. ‘the main judging point is story. We have rejected many films in the past, just based on their storyline and screenplay writing.

Test your script

Gaining further exposure is crucial after going through the script coverage feedback comments and completing a truly good draught of your screenplay. Now its time it put it through the real test. To get real feedback you can submit your script to any upcoming film festivalEvaluation from the appropriate judges will provide you insight of what to add or delete from your movie. If you win that category then you can be rest assured that your film has a good base and has strong chance of being successful.

Submit your film to film festivals with feedback options

Few people are aware that some film festivals offer thorough comments based on your film application. This functions like script coverage, except rather than just the script, you get input on your whole movie. These are often lesser-known film festivals, but they have the time and resources to provide you truly useful feedback. Lift-Off Festival, Moonlight Online International Film Festival, and Holy Grail International Film Festival are a few examples of this kind of event.

Find and connect with festival organizers.

Making contact with event organizers could be seen as a little contentious because it might appear spammy or dishonest. However, if you approach it with the intention of genuinely interacting with others, it could be beneficial. Applying to a website blackhole is much less successful than knowing and networking with individuals in the field you’d like to work in, much like applying for a job. The same is true with festivals. Connecting with those who make choices at festivals behind the scenes as you expand your network can be helpful for having a head start on the submission process as well as for knowing in advance what the judging panel will be looking for in a film. you can use WFCN to connect with these film festivals on a personal level.

Film submissions to the premier festivals as soon as you’re ready.

For the final part, you just need to submit your film to the film festivals and really hope for the best. At this point you need to have trust on your work. You may generate excitement and momentum for your project by utilizing your contacts, the media, and the group of individuals who are working on it. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that obtaining ticket sales is the primary goal of submitting to a film festival. So, the chances of your movie getting picked up will be significantly higher if it already has some momentum.

That’s it! This is how you can be successful at any top film festival.