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Things to Know About 5 Major Film Festivals in USA

The film festival is a celebration of art and culture. People from all over the world gather around to
celebrate the exemplary cinemas created by some of the best filmmakers, actors in the world.
It is an opportunity for filmmakers, artists, distributors, actors to showcase their talent in front
of the world and make an artistic development. As we all know the United States is home to
one of the inventive and bountiful entertainment industries in the world. It produces some of
the best and most expensive movies for theatres, television, and online streaming channels.
Moreover, it is not new news that every year some of the most popular and pre-eminent film
festivals are held in the USA. So here is some information about the 5 major film festivals in
The USA. 

Sundance Film Festival: Arguably one of the most famous film festivals. Founded by Robert
Redford in 1981. All Hollywood A-listers attend this festival. It is held in City Park, Utah every
year. It successfully pulls together a great list of artists, critics, and ardent devotees. 

Palm Spring International Festival: One of the highly reputed and prestigious film festivals. This
film festival in the USA is graced by many renowned and talented artists. This takes place in
California. Over 180 movies from more than 70 countries are screened in this film festival. 
Santa Barbara International Film Festival: SBIFF or Santa Barbara International Film Festival is a
paradise for all the cinephiles. This 11-day long film festival is projected in several historically
important theatres. This film festival in USA premiers around 200 movies submitted by 85000
filmmakers around the world.

 Telluride Film Festival: This is a non-profit film festival in the small town of Telluride, Colorado.
The festival ranks among the world’s best film festivals. More than 80 movies are screened in
four days. At this festival, the lineup and schedule of the movies are kept secret until the
opening day.  Los Angeles Film Festival: More than 200 documentaries, feature films, short films, music
videos are screened every year in June in this Independent film festival. This film festival
supports the Independent Arts community in Los Angeles.