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Ace Film Festival is an online awards competition dedicated to recognizing screenwriters, filmmakers, cast, and crew for high-quality work. We are new so we are not yet IMDb-qualifying, but our festival director, who is on IMDb, is determined to pursue IMDb qualification as soon as possible after the 1st year. We understand the amount of effort, commitment, and dedication that goes into creating films, video games, television shows, and streaming content etc. Likewise, we realize how important it is for creators who complete projects to be recognized for their accomplishments, and in various aspects.
Recognition acts as verification to production companies, casting directors, producers, and even potential investors; for writers, actors, and filmmakers who demonstrate skill and expertise of their craft.
Ace Film Festival functions as an independent awards event. Submissions are reviewed, graded privately, and not screened in public; though in the future if we grow, perhaps public screenings, virtual or in person will occur. In the meantime, we will not in any way display your materials, except for a poster, screenshot, and/or trailer posted on our website or social media accounts, because we do not want to jeopardize your premier and/or distribution status.
We comprehend some festivals have a selective range in taste and play it close to the vest, making it hard to swim in a contest, when you can’t see what’s in the water. At this festival we have a very broad range of taste: Action, Adventure, Animation, Avant-Garde, Claymation, Comedy, Crime, Dance, Drama, Dramedy, Drone Media, Environmental, Epic, Experimental, Faith-Based, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Musical, Mystery, Noir, Romantic Comedy, Science-Fiction, Stop-Motion, Suspense, Thriller, War, Western, or Wildlife, etc. etc.
Making any movie is a challenge and we want to help your film with the notoriety and accolades you and your film deserve. Thus, we offer a fair share of awards.

Awards & Prizes

Best Feature
Best Extended Short
Best Short
Best Sketch Comedy Short
Best Animated Feature
Best Animated Extended Short
Best Animated Short
Best Nature/Wildlife Documentary
Best History Documentary
Best Poster
Best TV show Concept Trailer
Best Video Game Trailer
Top Director
Finest Lead Acting
Vilest Villain
Best Script
Best Animation Voice Performance
Top Animation/Graphics
Best Set Design
Best Supporting
Top Ensemble Cast
Top Cinematography
Top Editing
Best Sound
Best Music
Most Special EFX
Most Laughter
Best Action
Best Rom-Com
Most Haunting
Top Production Design
Winners and nominees will be listed on our website. Winners will receive an emailed certificate.

Rules & Terms

The entrant/filmmaker accepts all the rules and terms in full by sending in a movie for consideration.
1) Anyone from any country is invited to participate, but parental consent is required if the entrant is under 18 years old. Movies of various lengths are allowed to enter the competition, dialogue may be in any language, yet if the dialogue is not English, the movie must have English subtitles.
2) Entrants can submit as many projects as they want, without limit. All the award winners will be chosen from the official selections. Then winners and nominees will be listed on our website. Submissions can include feature films, short films, nature documentaries, and other categories. With or without notice, a category may be removed from consideration at any time.
3) There is no premiere status rule, but we do require projects to be no older than January 1st, 2015.
4) Previously entered movies can be re-submitted if, A) they did not previously win any awards in past editions of the Ace Film Festival and B) they were drastically changed since their most recent submission.
5) Kindly double-check the exact length of your movie/file, including opening credits, closing credits, etc., and submit it into the appropriate category, or else your movie may be disqualified if improperly submitted. Submission fees may not be returned in such cases.
6) Film Posters must be submitted as .JPG or PDF. files.
7) Only directors and producers are allowed to submit a movie for consideration. The submitter hereby certifies they possess the legal right to submit the movie, including, but not limited to image rights, talent releases, and music releases; and assumes all responsibility for their material. Ace Film Festival accepts no liability, financial, or otherwise, for any movie submitted to the festival. Entries to the Ace Film Festival are officiated by other filmmakers who may have multiple projects or scripts. By sending in an entry, the filmmaker(s) recognize(s) every judge may have similar ideas and absolves Ace Film Festival and judges from any liability associated with their participation in this competition.
8) Participants are not guaranteed feedback, but If time permits some may be offered. Every entry/submission will be judged based on its script, directing, acting, technical, and artistic merits related to the submission.
9) Ace Film Festival only accepts online screeners. Please submit screeners via your chosen platform.
10) Ensure your contact information is up to date.
11) Ace Film Festival does not refund fees after an entry has been submitted if a submission has already been measured and/or the current submission period has passed. Submitters should familiarize themselves with the Rules and Terms. Questions asked after submission, may or may not receive a response.
12) If nominated for any awards, a poster may be requested from the filmmakers for the website. If a filmmaker has any reservations about submitting materials, do not send them. If Ace Film Festival has knowledge of such reservations, then we will not accept them.
13) The submitter grants Ace Film Festival the right to use the movie’s trailer and/or poster, & bios, etc. for promotional purposes, in perpetuity, without any further consideration, and accepts sole responsibility for the use of all materials.
14) If materials are received very late, if deemed necessary, the submission will be moved to the next edition of Ace Film Festival, as a one-time courtesy.
15) Decisions made by the judges are considered final and incontestable. We reserve the right to not give all the awards if we didn't receive enough entries in a particular category or if none of the submissions met our judging standards.
16) However, if deemed appropriate by the judges, additional categories of awards may be presented as well.
17) Award-winning certificates in a . JPG or PDF format will be sent to all winners. At the end of judgment, the results of the Ace Film Festival will be made public and accessible on our official website. Thus, winners, nominees, and if earned, honorable mentions will be listed on the website, and can use the link to add to IMDb once this festival is listed on IMDb in the future.
18) Entries are valid only through specified submission platforms, such as this one. User accepts all risk and responsibility associated with using Ace Film Festival’s website, social media, any submission platforms, and each submission platform’s transaction processor.
19) Communications with Ace Film Festival and public communications about or related to Ace Film Festival must be kept professional by all entrants, representatives, etc. Failure to do so may result in disqualification, including nullification of nominations or wins. That stated, Ace Film Festival may elect to communicate only with the person who submitted the movie to the festival for consideration and should not be expected to communicate with anyone else.
20) Movies containing excessive vulgar sexual content (brief gratuitous flesh and hot and heavy scenes may be acceptable but, sex can't be the main part of the film), obscene titles and/or content deemed purposefully hateful, bigoted, or other ill-mannered distasteful propaganda, can expect to be disqualified. We are open-minded (edgy material with a purpose is welcome, but not pornography). It is our sole discretion. If you have questions about this, please ask.
21) Ace Film Festival reserves the right to add, modify, or discard rules and terms, as needed, with or without notification. It further reserves the right to make decisions to address anomalies and/or unforeseen circumstances, including, but not limited to removing a movie from consideration, without an explanation.
22) Any dispute arising because of submission to Ace Film Festival will have a recourse limited to the lesser of 1) refund for the submission fee paid, or 2) the cost of correcting the issue.
23) By submitting an entry to Ace Film Festival, the entrant(s) accept all the rules and terms herein, in entirety, without modification. Entrant further acknowledges that remediation of any sort will be limited to a refund of their submission fees. If an entrant does not agree with these terms, do not submit your entry. By submitting, the entrant indicates that they have read, understand, agree with, and will comply with the Rules and Terms stated in items 1-23 above.

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Dates & Deadlines
Categories & Fees
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