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  • Film Festival with Live Screenings
  • Music / Songwriting Contest

In Portugal we will have again a change in laws concerning the pandemic Covid19. Since our goal is a physical screening we will be aware to all changes and make the festival when and where we will can make it with the quality and all objectives we propose. We apologize the changes, but we what to make the best of it!

Bizarrya Short Film Festival is a common festival for uncommon movies. Based on CINEMA AS A BIZARRE WAY OF ART, we invite you to the experimental world of filming what your art is. Share what is related to mainly public artistic work with the focus on segments facing descrimination on Covid19 crises. It’s a new aproach to the arts of perfomances, theatre, dance and all that work mainly outdoor. All films must be 30 minutes as maximum.

Get your artistic perfomance into video and send us. We are in a exchange of arts made possible by clicking in a celular phone. You’ve got a good performance? Try it in video.

Awards & Prizes

Best Byzarrya Short
1st prize - 75 Euros - Byzar Statue
2nd prize - 50 Euros - Byzar Statue
3th prize - 25 Euros - Byzar Statue

Rules & Terms

It must be bizarre!

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