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Eurotika Art Show is not a comun Film Festival, but an Art Show for all. We acept porn and erotism, in a variety of forms that include Poetry, Photography, Narrative and Films. Get your photos published, your poem in our anthologys or publish your book to be avaiable at the Art Show. Send us your own movies. The main objetive is Art. Films, Photos, Poetry and Narrative, all mixed in a week full of suurprises, shows and prizes. We are awating for you!

Is the gathering of the diversity. A mind blowing fusion of Arts and Sex into a unique Festival that goes into the deeper secrets of the artist. We look for films, poems, cronics, videos, photos, and all that you define as Art.

We want to discover the ultimate desire. Lust. Erotic Poem. From the homemade fantasy recorded to redtube to the finest definition of love in words.

We want free Art. Free exposure. The brighter kiss or the insanity of orgasm.

We wait for the craziest forms of erotism. The most profund words that tremble our desire. The love of being ourselfs in the world that gets out of our heads directly to action. You have that registered? That is gold for Queerentine.

Explore all sections, all that we offer, and get into this unique adventure.

Awards & Prizes:

All selected works will get a certificate.

The finalists will get nasty gifts.

The winners will get a trophy.

All submissions will get an answer. All content may be submited to be sold under a 50 50 basis. There will be interviews.

Selected works will be online as they get a selection status.

Rules & Terms:

1 - The submiter is responsible for the aplication rules.

2 - All submited material will be gathered in a webspace made only to this Art Show.

3 - The films must be 15 minutes maximum.

4 - There is no limit to submissions.

5 - Poems must be 50 lines maximum.

6 - Cronics must be 3 pages maximum.

7 - No criminality will be acepted.

8 - The Queerentine fees will not be refoundable.

9 - All cash made with sales will be paid with N26, by registration under https://n26.com/r/brunomid3240

10 - Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the others.

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