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Short films have emerged as a universal experimental platform for both professional and amateur filmmakers alike. With the proliferation of high-quality digital technology at relatively low prices, every film enthusiast wants to embark on film making and short films are the first stepping stone in that effort. You’ve chosen to film. Chosen to put together a visual piece of art if we may say so.

SFAFF(Shortfundly Annual film festival) is the unique event in India which showcases talents to short film making. It is the only annual International Short Film Festival happening in India with awards in all categories.

Additionally, Whoever submits your film to our festival gets the opportunity to stream in our shortfundly premium platform. It will help you to earn throughout life. Don't miss this golden opportunity. All the best for your efforts in filmmaking.

We are looking forward to reviewing your artworks and critically analyze the masterpiece in depth.


We believe Awards and recognitions are not just honors which will feature prominently in a person’s obituary. Rather, it shapes an emerging artist by giving more responsibility on their shoulders as a filmmaker. By hosting a diverse range of awards in the key departments of audio-visual media, we provide the best opportunities for emerging filmmakers, musicians, and photographers to receive such recognition. Also, SFAFF has no barriers to submitting films. The festival will showcase the worldwide submission of Fiction, Drama, Experimental, Horror, Human Rights, Religious, Sci-Fi, Women, Underground, Comedy, Asian, African, Adventure, or any genres in the art of visual storytelling.

We are looking for stories that capture the imagination, talent, and diversity of filmmakers, which will leave audiences in awe.

Awards & Prizes:


Production Awards
Best Short Film
1st Prize 10,000/- Cash & Certificate
2nd Prize 3,500/- Cash & Certificate
3rd Prize 1,500/- Cash & Certificate

Best Animation Film
1st Prize 4,000/- Cash & Certificate
2nd Prize 2,000/- Cash & Certificate

Best Mobile Film
1st Prize 4,000/- Cash & Certificate
2nd Prize 2,000/- Cash & Certificate

Best Film (Female Filmmaker)
1st Prize 4,000/- Cash & Certificate
2nd Prize 2,000/- Cash &Certificate

Best Film (Student Filmmaker)
1st Prize 4,000/- Cash & Certificate
2nd Prize 2,000/- Cash & Certificate

Best Film Jury Mentioned
2,000/- Cash & Certificate

Performance Awards:
Best Actor - Prize 1,000/- Cash & Certificate
Best Actress - Prize 1,000/- Cash & Certificate
Best BGM - Prize 1,000/- Cash & Certificate
Best Cinematography - Prize 1,000/- Cash & Certificate

▪ We will announce winners list in shortfundly social media channels and website.
▪ Since, it's an online event, Cash Vouchers will be send to your email.
▪ We will give certificates to all the participants and winners.


▪ To all the winners of different categories, we would provide an award certificate (digital format - ready to print) along with SFAFF ‘Winner’ laurel (with category details).

▪ To all the finalist films, we would provide a finalist certificate (digital format - ready to print) along with the ‘Finalist’ laurel.

▪ To all the nominated films, we would provide an official selection certificate along with the ‘Official Selection’ laurel.

▪ We would list all the winning films, finalist films, and the nominated films along with the posters on our website and social media pages.

▪ We would list all nominations to a shortfundly premium section to help the global audience reach and earn monthly through us. Don't hesitate to submit. Every submission will get benefits. You short film will get shared with shortfundly distribution partners to bring new audience to your film.

Rules & Terms:

To submit a film, you must have created the project yourself, own the rights (or) have permission from the owner of the content to submit the film to us. The Shortfundly Annual Film Festival of India would not be responsible for any such IPR issues.

Please read all the rules and requirements before submitting your project:

* Short Films Above 60 Min Will Be Disqualified (60 Min is The Limit).

* All fees are non-refundable.

* Student filmmakers are encouraged to apply but must enter which film school they’re currently pursuing (or) from which film school they got persuaded. Also, Student/Diploma films cannot be considered as Director's First film.

* SFAFF is not responsible for corrupted or non-functioning films.

* Good to have subtitles to your short films and it brings additional values to your submission.

* We do not accept amateur videos, extremist or propaganda content from religious or political organizations, films involving politics/films promoting political agenda, pornography.

* We don’t accept scripts. The Best Story category is based on the story of the film.

* Shortfundly Annual Film Festival is a competitive event and all films selected in any category will be notified via email. If not notified or shown selected, your film would not be eligible to participate.

* All genres are considered eligible for nomination into one or more competitive categories.

* We place no restrictions on your work in terms of premiere status or whether your work has been made available online.

* By submitting your film, take note that SFAFF is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt (trailer/teaser/poster/stills) from any film submitted for promotional purposes.

* By submitting a movie to SFAFF, filmmaker/producer takes the whole responsibility of copyright issues of music, script, and other creative and technical aspects of the film.

* One entry fee per category. The same film can be entered into one or more categories, but each category requires an entry fee.

* We retain the right to change the date, fee of the film festival under any unforeseen circumstances. All filmmakers will be informed about any changes through our online platforms.


* We Will Not Accept PORN/Trash Works.



By submitting to SFAFF, you agree to all our terms and conditions.

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  • Earlybird Deadline
  • Regular Deadline
  • Late Deadline
  • Extended Deadline
  • Express Deadline
  • Premium Deadline
  • Notification Date
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Categories & Fees

Open for all. We are accepting all Genres, Themes, Languages, Released, and Unreleased Films. Maximum 60 Minutes. Students Category: Valid ID card of the Institute is Mandatory.

Earlybird Deadline $8.00 USD

Regular Deadline $9.00 USD

Late Deadline $10.00 USD

Extended Deadline $11.00 USD

Express Deadline $12.00 USD

Premium Deadline $14.00 USD

Entries Closed
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