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  • Film Festival with Live Screenings
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The Osaka Asian Film Festival (Japan) is accepting films until November 18, 2023. *Films must be produced in Asia or be Asia-related*

About the festival:
The Osaka Asian Film Festival aims to facilitate human resources development and exchange, to invigorate the Osaka economy, and to increase the city’s appeal, through providing opportunities to watch excellent Asian films, supporting filmmaking in Osaka and attracting filmmakers from Asian countries and regions to Osaka. Promoting Osaka worldwide as a gateway city for Asian films, and engaging with many people from the fields of culture, art, education, tourism and business, from Osaka and all of Asia, OAFF works as an open platform to contribute to the development of Osaka and cinema.

Awards & Prizes:

Rules & Terms:

The festival accepts narrative, documentaries and animation films.
– The festival is accepting both Feature (over 60 minutes) and Short Features (under 60 minutes).
– Films must be produced in Asian countries and regions or be Asia-related.
– Films must be completed after October 1st, 2022.
– For Feature for Competition they must not have been screened publicly in Japan, including theater and/or TV prior to March 10, 2024.
– For Feature/Short Films for Other Sections films must not have been screened publicity in OSAKA, including theater and/or TV, prior to March 10, 2024. Films that meet the conditions of the above-stated will be given priority.
– Each film will be screened in its original language version with both English and Japanese subtitles. Films in English will be screened with Japanese subtitles. The festival will bear the cost of producing Japanese subtitles. If a film has a distributor in Japan the distributor must provide the Japanese subtitles.
– The festival only accepts screeners via Online Screener or DVD region free, single-layered NTSC. Blu-ray disk, double-layered DVD or Pal DVD are not accepted.

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