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  • Film Festival with Live Screenings
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We are a dedicated team of -lmmakers and cinephiles wishing to create a forum for quality short-length cinematic works from all around the world. On the one hand, short-form -lmmaking is an often sidelined art form. Delivering concise and meaningful storytelling in a small package requires creativity and determination. On the other hand , independent is the key word for the festvial as it is founded by independent -lm professionals and focuses on independent artists in cinema, from all over the world. The festvial aims at recognizing, showcasing and spreading-out the most professional, most innovative, and most interesting fresh short international -lms, while always prioritizing independent short -lms. These are also our guiding principles. We wish to celebrate creativity and determination in short-length -lmmaking. So send us your ambitious and original short projects and let us help you reach an even wider audience. The festvial is a seasonal competition. All the seasonal award winners can be further selected for the annual online festvial. The winners of each year can also request for promotion and screening of -lms. Films do not have to screen in our seasonal edition for the public and are screened privately through programmers and members of the jury who will select the best of each category every season. This allows the -lmmakers to compete without losing their premier status in other festivals. However, all the oGcial selections have the option to promote and screen -lms through our Channel.

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