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  • Film Festival with Live Screenings
About :

Both in terms of admissions and number of films screened (152,000 and 386 respectively in 2011) VIFF is among the five largest film festivals in North America. Festival screens films from 80 countries on 10 screens. The international line-up includes the pick of the world’s top film fests and many undiscovered gems. VIFF 2011 included 20 World premieres, 30 International premieres, 49 North American premieres and 40 Canadian premieres.

The Festival will be divided into at least the following main sections:

Canadian Images;
Dragons & Tigers: The Cinemas of East Asia;
Nonfiction Features;
Nonfiction Features: Arts & Letters;
Cinema of Our Time;
Spotlight on France;
Environmental Films.
The program aims to include approximately 230 feature films representing over 75 countries.

Awards & Prizes:

Rules & Terms:

The Vancouver International Film Festival accepts entries of both features (over 26 minutes) and shorts (under 25 minutes).
Films entered in the Festival must not have been screened commercially, or broadcast, in the Vancouver area.
Films should have been completed after June 1, 2022.
Subtitles language: english

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