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General Information

Completed On: 06 Jun, 2015

Director: Shailik Bhaumik

Duration: 2 hr 11 min 16 sec

Genres: Experimental, Fiction

Language: Bengali

Country: India

Submitted By: Shailik Bhaumik

Festival Rating 7.5

Dasein (2015) is a post-modern, meta-narrative absurd drama written, produced, and directed by Shailik Bhaumik. The film deals with issues such as personhood, mortality, and the paradox of living in a relationship with other humans’ while being ultimately alone with oneself.

The story reveals that morality does not inherently exist and that any established moral values are abstractly contrived. It explores the roots of eternal human desire and despair. The crisis of existence and human values in today’s material world has been portrayed in the film.

'Dasein’ belongs to the Meta-Modern art, where the hybridization of different genres, art forms, and cultures is observed. The key features of this film are paradox, scepticism, and absurdity. Its’ narrative landscape, narrative tenor, and the sense of the uncanny that it is enshrouded in such a way, that it works less in the literal sense and more in the figurative way.

The film proceeds according to dream logic. It is a voyage from one’s consciousness to sub-consciousness and at times the boundary between reality and hyperreality becomes blurring. Finally, 'Dasein' is an experimental work. The film is all about one’s search for the absolute truth, his inner self, and salvation.

  • Directors
    Shailik Bhaumik
  • Producers
    Shailik Bhaumik
  • Writers
    Shailik Bhaumik
  • Film Type
    Experimental, Fiction
  • Genres
    Experimental, Post-modern, Cult film, Absurd drama
  • Runtime
    2 hours 11 minutes 16 seconds
  • Completion Date
    06 Jun, 2015
  • Production Budget
    40000 USD
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Filming
    India, United States
  • Film Language
  • Shooting Format
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Film Color
  • Student Project
  • First-time Filmmaker

Director's Biography

Shailik Bhaumik is an Indian Filmmaker, Inventor & Entrepreneur based in Kolkata. He is the founder and chairman of Alzebra, Inc., a tech conglomerate having its office in India, Singapore & US. Bhaumik is known for his films Dasein (2015) & Burning Butterflies (2023). Bhaumik is the inventor of World Film Communities Network (WFCN), a system integration platform for film industry professionals.

Director's Statement

Dasein is an experimental absurd drama. In this film, I have tried to tell a very common story in an unconventional way. The basic concept of the film is to discover the essence of each being. The film explores the protagonist's character through desire, obsession, contradiction, ambivalence & conflict.

As a Postmodern film, 'Dasein' is sceptical about religious institutions and rejects all social norms. Its cross-storytelling, non-linear narrative structure, and different perspective storytelling style represent it as a counter cinema. In this film, we have tried to implement an entirely new narrative model (3-Dimensional Narrative). Several types of plots have been used to construct this Narrative model. We can explain it in this geometrical way. A straight line has been passed through the centre of four concentric circles. For example, say the protagonist, Aniket is at the centre of the plot. Four characters (parameters: His mother, Stepmother, Girlfriend, and his competitor Ipshita) and their individual stories rotate in four different circular paths.

A separate linear plot (Aniket with the guys) has also passed through the centre of the circles. Here time has been portrayed as an imaginary exponential parameter. It moves in different dimensions randomly like an imaginary exponential equation (Based on Euler's formula). This narrative structure can be considered as a derivative form of "Fractured Tandem (Portmanteau)".

Hybridization of different genres, art forms, and cultures has been done in Dasein. Here we have tried to blend "Fiction" with the style of "Documentary" and Old Indian ‘Palagans’ (Operas). So acting styles of different art forms could be observed in this film. Time and perspective play an important role in our experimentation as mentioned before. Time moves forward as well as backward direction randomly. For example, in a surreal scene, we have shown the Reverse evolution (Unar Tan Syndrome) of humans at the reversal movement of time (Based on the Big Bang Theory). Sometimes it could be observed that two different timelines coexist simultaneously in a single scene. The same character of different timelines interacts with each other at a point in time. Bookend flashbacks & Flash forward (Prolepsis) are also used in storytelling to articulate the context properly.

Finally ‘Dasein’ is a movie to experience rather to merely watch as the term ‘Dasein’ refers to experiencing one's own existence.


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