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Filming Love Drama Story 8.0

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General Information

Director: Peter Boiadzhieff

Duration: 6 min 0 sec

Genres: Short, Web / New Media



Submitted By: Krassimir Nikov

Festival Rating 7.5

  • Directors
    Peter Boiadzhieff
  • Producers
    Peter Boiadzhieff
  • Writers
    Peter Boiadzhieff
  • Film Type
    Short, Web / New Media
  • Genres
  • Runtime
    6 minutes 0 seconds
  • Production Budget
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Filming
  • Film Language
  • Shooting Format
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Film Color
  • Student Project
  • First-time Filmmaker

Director's Biography

Movies have always been my passion since I was a kid. They let me escape from reality and use my imagination to create stories and characters that only live in my mind. Now I can see those stories come to life on the big screen, where fairy tales become reality.

My real name is Krassimir Nikov, which means a beautiful world, but I go by ‘Peter Boiadzhieff’, a stage name that honors my grandfather and is easier to pronounce. I wish I had changed it legally when I became a US citizen, but it’s too late now.

I grew up in a small town called Petrich in Bulgaria, a small country in Eastern Europe. It’s the birthplace of the famous oracle ‘Vanga’ and the legendary warrior ‘Spartacus’. Back then, we had no cell phones, no internet, just a black and white TV with two channels. I enjoyed exploring the mountains and fishing in the river every week during the summer. Those days are gone, replaced by Instagram and cell phones.

My life is like a feature film, full of ups and downs. I was bullied in school, which made me hate it. I joined the army in 1993, where I learned Morse code as a telegraphist. I moved to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, where I became a software developer. I was lucky enough to come to Atlanta Georgia ten years ago and pursue my dream of being a film maker on the weekends.


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