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Film Festivals that are best on WFCN

The World Film Communities Network is not only a network to connect film festivals and independent filmmakers; it has its own bunch of festivals as well that provides a unique platform to the filmmakers to showcase their films and enhance their network globally. This blog will help you to find out two such festivals of WFCN that will hit the floor this January and would help you to explore the world of festivals.


This is an online film festival and screenwriting competition which is originated in the historic downtown of the United Kingdom. This festival aims at launching a career for faith-based writers and filmmakers to establish their arts and introduce them to mass audiences. The festival believes that the talents must be showcased to propel the filmmakers of the future into their feature film careers. Creative and talented filmmakers are recognized and spotlighted through this festival. Winners are announced on the website of this festival and social media pages every month. Submit your films to this festival at $11.99 USD within the early bird deadline, till the 25th of January. The final deadline is on the 12th of February, notification and event dates are on the 15th of February and 17th of February respectively. Get ready with your submissions today only on WFCN.


This festival with live screening is originated in the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. The festival team is much committed to the schedule of the festival operations and believes in the upcoming talent thus tends to provide the best platform for them. Currently, this festival is offering an alluring discount of 40% on all submissions on the use of the waiver code 40INDUS2022. The offer is valid till the 19th of January 2022. The final deadline is approaching on the 14th of February 2022. The notification date and event dates are on 17th and 21st February 2022 respectively. Exclusive submission through WFCN is going on; get ready with your submissions now.

So, here we go with the 2 best festivals of WFCN so far. Seize the available offers on them as soon as possible and get the submissions done today.

Kamalika Sarkar


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