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The Digital Gate International Film Festival is the first monthly online short film festival in Algeria, in Africa and in all the Arabic world.

Awards & Prizes

- Public grand prize
- The Jury Prize Award in Best Short Film Category/ in Best Animation Short Film Category / in Best Documentary Short Film Category
- The Best Director Award Best Short Film Category/ in Best Animation Short Film Category / in Best Documentary Short Film Category
- The Best Screenplay Award in Best Animation Short Film Category / in Best Documentary Short Film Category
- The Best Photography Award in Best Animation Short Film Category / in Best Documentary Short Film Category
- The Best Male Role Award
- The Best female Role Award

Rules & Terms

Terms and conditions of participation in "the Digital Gate International Film Festival".

- Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before submitting applications for participation in the Portal Short Film Competition
The competition is open to short films, fiction and non-fiction, from all over the world.
All participants must fill out the participation form available at the following link:

Presentation of films:
- The competition is open to films that are filmed using all types of media and cameras, including smart devices cameras (mobile phones or any other smart tablets) of any type or model, provided that the type and model of the camera or device used for filming is specified in the competition application form.
- Free movie theme.
The duration of the film should not exceed thirty minutes
- Deadline: Participation forms must be submitted, after filling them out electronically, before the 21st of every month, and no applications will be accepted after this date.
- Registration is possible via all global platforms such as Filmfreeway Festagent WFCN...
The final presentation copy of the movie can be submitted in one of the following formats: MP4, MOV, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p, or any other format suitable for viewing.
- Please upload the movie to one of the Sharing Websites such as DropBox, OneDrive, wetransfer and send the link to the following address [email protected]
- All films must be submitted in Arabic, and if the film is not in Arabic, the copy of the film must contain Arabic subtitles.
Film copies must be received in good condition, and the organizing body reserves the right to refuse any film copy received in poor condition, in which case the applicant must submit a new copy. If a copy is not submitted in good condition, the Competition Organizing Authority reserves the right to withdraw the film from the competition without any obligation on its part.
Film makers are allowed to use any available editing technology
- The organizing body of the Digital Portal Short Film Competition reserves the right to exclude any film that exceeds the permitted period or contains technical problems in sound and image in a way that hinders its presentation, or if it contains offensive, racist, or contrary to norms, or any films not related to the competition, or The film must have participated in previous competitions for the digital portal of the short film itself.
By submitting the film to the Contest Administration, the film maker grants the Contest Administration the right to download and use it for display, as well as to use parts of the film in advertisements.
For any inquiries about submitting films, please email us at [email protected]

Selected films:
The selection committee, at its absolute discretion, selects the films participating in the competition.
In the event that the film is selected to participate in the competition, the competition administration will inform the film makers of this, and will inform those who have been selected of the next steps they must take.
The administration of the digital short film portal reserves the right to announce the films participating in the competition, and accordingly, the applicant should not in any way announce his participation in the competition before the organizing body does so.
In the event that the film is not selected, the competition administration will send a letter in this regard within one week of the announcement of the final list of selections. In accordance with competition policy, no comments or reasons will be given for the decision to reject any film in the competition.
Once the film has been selected, the applicant will not be entitled to withdraw, submit and/or screen the film that will affect the screening status stated in the entry form.
accept these provisions
The international jury of the competition broadcasts the films participating in the official competition, selects the winning films on the last day of the month of the competition, and presents the following three prizes:
1- Golden Gate Award
2- Silver Gate Award
3- Bronze Gate Award
While the audience’s grand prize is presented to the film with the largest number of likes (likes) by collecting the likes of the page, group and official YouTube channel of the competition
Prizes are subscriptions to Netflix or Spotify platforms donated by the sponsor Mr accessorie
All participants in the official competition are presented with participation certificates, and certificates of winning are presented to the three winners of the three prizes and the audience prize.

Submitting an application to participate in the Digital Portal Short Films Competition means accepting all the terms and conditions governing the competition

The applicant warrants that he owns all rights related to the film and all materials related to it, and that he has the right to submit the film and related materials to participate in the competition.

The applicant acknowledges that the organizing body of the competition will not be liable in any way for any failure, damage or loss of any kind, of whatever nature as a result of participation, approval and/or display of the film and/or submission of materials related thereto. Accordingly, the Applicant will not hold the Organizers any legal responsibility and will not charge them with any claims, actions or actions or incur any costs for any losses or damages as a result of participation and/or approval

If the film is selected to participate in the competition, you will be notified before the 20th of every month.

The undersigned must be the person authorized to submit this film to enter the competition

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Dates & Deadlines
Categories & Fees
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