An under 16 minute short film will be presented at 8:10pm USA Pacific Standard Time to our more than 600 MeetUp members and the public during every first Friday of each coming month,.

Unlike most online festivals that stack a bunch of films on a platform to which filmmakers must send their own paying viewers, FFF focuses on advertising the FREE worldwide website single screening of one movie per month. Following the screening comes an online Meetup Discussion live chat interview of the film's production team.

As yet uncompleted Works may be submitted by loading on the submission platform a Trailer of the Work as the WFCN Online Screener Upload or Link.

Please join our Meetup group at https://Meetup.com/First-Fridays-Film-Premieres for FREE viewing of each First Friday Films monthly screenings plus 95% fee submission discount request.

MeetUp Member Official Selection Committees will monthly chose a screening film.

Finally, First Friday Films not requiring any date of the submitted Work's completion restrictions means that we are eager to consider those quality Shorts that currently live on the creator's hard drive!

Awards & Prizes:

Each Monthly Screened First Friday Film will receive:
1. A FREE to Viewers 8:10pm PST Online Screening during the month following Film's Official Selection
2. Best Short of the Year AWARD Finalist nomination with Trophy & 10/8/21 LIVE Screening to the Winner
3. Pre-Screening WFCN Rating
4. Pre-Screening Meetup Discussion Production Team Interview Published in the future
5. Pre-Screening LAURELS emailed
6. Screening & Review listed in Independent Movie dBase (IMDb)
7. Post screening Finalist Nomination Certificate emailed
8. Ongoing Professional short film marketing advise for the screened Works' COVID-19 future

Rules & Terms:

Ninety (95%) percent submission fee discount available to First Fridays Film Premieres and First Fridays Film Premieres MeetUp Members by request through that online platform at https://Meetup.com/First-Fridays-Film-Premieres.

* Film length must be under 16 minutes.

1. Submitter must enter as #1 into their WFCN Cover Letter the name (s), email address(s) and phone number(s) of at least the Film's Director who will be available online for interview, etc. on their screening Friday from 7:00 thru 9:00pm PST

2. The YouTube.com URL address of the Film's under 30 second Commercial must be listed as #2 in the submission's WFCN Cover Letter.

3. The Film's IMDb.com page with POSTER URL address must be listed as #3 in the submission's WFCN Cover Letter.

If the submitted Work is not yet finished, a Trailer from it must be loaded in the submission's WFCN Online Screener Upload or Link. Plus a short scene from the submitted Work's screenplay must be entered in the submission's WFCN Cover Letter.

Submitted Works with dialogue other than English must have English sub titles.

All rights must be secured in order for the submitted Work to screen.

The WFCN Awards section of the submission's platform must be kept up to date until at least the day after its First Friday Films screening. If the submitted film has never been presented to the public that is good for us. However, that fact must be indicated in the submission's Screenings/Awards section.

Submission fees are non-refundable.

2 Reviews
  • Good lucky!

    02 Jun, 2020

    First Friday Films
    Response from festival:

    We thank you for the encouragement Rafael!
    There is still time for you to COMPLETE your "Banalities" submission and be Screened & Interviewed this Friday while being kept safely inside at home.

    02 Jun, 2020
  • Wonderful festival that treated us very well. Thank you so much!

    01 Jun, 2020

    First Friday Films
    Response from festival:

    We thank you for the encouragement fellow SoCal filmmaker. We also have a Regional short film market retreat in which you and "The Assassin's Apprentice" would be perfect. So let's talk as WFCN Friends.

    02 Jun, 2020
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