In celebration of the USA’s Indigenous People’s Holiday Weekend, our physically distanced retreat explores short film marketing in the COVID-19 era. With a combination totaling only ten screening film makers, Hollywood film industry reps and media reps allowed to attend, obtaining short film festival selections and direct sales advise will be shared by attendees. Gathering includes the Director explaining how during 2020 he has secured more than 30 Awards & 50 nominations among nearly 500 screenings in 50 countries on 6 continents with an under $500.00 submission budget.

The first COMPLETE submission in each Category will be Officially Selected and nominated.

Awards & Prizes:

All Officially Selected films receive laurels and a certificate of participation via email.

Each screened film will be awarded a framed Poster of their Film presented only at the Indigenous Retreat Holiday Awards Breakfast, held this year on 10/12/20 in Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 USA.

As well, professional entertainment industry judges will select in advance the year's Top Movie for:
BlackMovieFest in Drama, Comedy, Edu-tainment and Family

Inland Empire Film Festival in Drama, Comedy, Family and Youth

Indigenous People Fest in Activism, Comedy, Drama and Family

Also, winning production companies will each be offered a submission waiver and special consideration for a single subsequent year qualified film submission.

Attendees will create their own criteria in selecting each day’s single GRAND PRIZE winner for BlackMovieFest, Inland Empire Film Festival and Indigenous People Fest.

In addition, each GRAND PRIZE winning production company will be offered a single annual submission waiver and special consideration for a single film that qualifies during subsequent years of participation. As well, each attending GRAND PRIZE winner will later be mailed an engraved Trophy. Plus, these attendee selected Films will receive multiple Entertainer.Academy Worldwide film festival submissions, where up to $100.00 in submission fees will be paid. The 1st year’s winner received 12 submissions on 3 continents to 5 countries and 5 United States. With a more than 50% selection rate including: Hollywood's famous TCL Chinese 6 Theatre, a tour of schools and a tour of Romania, multiple awards were won from those selections such as the World Film Fair 2018 Best Short Film from screening in New York City's Theatre District.

In identifying the GRAND PRIZE winner, the Officially Selected attending Leaders will not be allowed to vote for their own Film.

In order for a short film to reach final qualification to win Top Movie honors and/or the GRAND PRIZE, its attending representative must be present at the 10/12/20 Indigenous Retreat Holiday Awards Breakfast.

Rules & Terms:

Attach a WFCN Cover Letter to your submission that includes the name, email address, phone number and street address of the Film’s representative that will attend and speak at your screening

Submitted Film Also Must:
1. Be under 16 minutes in length
2. Have an IMDb page
3. Have a Poster on its WFCN platform
4. Have an under 30 second Trailer on its WFCN platform
5. Film’s representative must attend their Short’s total block in order for their Film to screen.

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
  • Early
  • Regular
  • Final
  • Notification Date
  • Event Date
Categories & Fees

Drama - serious subject Black film Edu-tainment - educational Black film Family - PG rated Black film

Early $0.09 USD

Regular $9.09 USD

Final $19.09 USD

Drama - serious subject So Cal Regional film Family - PG rated SoCal Regional film

Early $0.09 USD

Regular $9.09 USD

Final $19.09 USD

Activist - humans striving for change Comedy - comic treatment of human culture Drama - serious treatment of human culture Family - GP rated treatment of human culture

Early $0.09 USD

Regular $9.09 USD

Final $19.09 USD

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