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Pricing Policy


Last Updated: 1st January 2024


Welcome to WFCN. Please carefully review our pricing policy, which outlines the terms and conditions governing the use of our platform and associated services. By accessing or using WFCN, you agree to comply with the terms laid out in this policy.


1.Pricing for Submitters:

 WFCN provides a free membership tier with access to all features. This tier is designed for users exploring the platform without incurring any associated costs. WFCN is entirely free for all film professionals, offering dedicated account management, support, specialized features, and promotional opportunities.


2. Pricing for Film Festival :

   Customized plans are at your disposal for film festival partners. WFCN charges a minimum 5% commission from Film Festivals (without any hidden costs). Terms and conditions for these plans are discussed and mutually agreed upon.


3. Film Monetization Policy:

Content creators and contributors operate under a fair and transparent revenue-sharing model. WFCN takes only a 30% share of the revenue earned by creators.


4. Product Pricing policy:

All products ordered through www.wfcn.co are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). 

WFCN is committed to offering competitive prices for products in the film and audiovisual industry. We regularly assess market trends to ensure our pricing remains fair and in line with industry standards.

Sellers may offer discounts or promotions on select products. These promotions will be clearly communicated on our platform. WFCN is not liable for any changes made. 

In the event of pricing adjustments, WFCN will communicate changes in advance.


Additional Notes:

Transparent communication will be maintained regarding any changes in pricing or features. Periodic promotions and discounts may be offered to reward user loyalty.


Why Choose WFCN?

   - WFCN prioritizes a human approach, valuing emotions and fostering a sense of community.

   - Continuous improvement based on user feedback is a commitment we uphold.

   - Our pricing structure reflects our dedication to the success of our community.


This pricing policy is an integral part of WFCN's Terms of Service. By using our platform, you are bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this policy and the broader legal framework specified in our Terms of Service.

WFCN reserves the right to amend this pricing policy, and users will be notified of any changes in accordance with the terms laid out in our Terms of Service.

Thank you for being a part of the WFCN community.