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Festival Deactivation Policy

Last Updated : January 22, 2024

Our goal at WFCN is to ensure trustworthy film festival submissions. Festivals not adhering to professional, ethical, and honest standards may face deactivation, either temporarily or permanently, based on breaches such as quality issues, fraud, false information, and discrimination.


1. Quality:

   - Reviews: Submitters rate festivals on a five-star scale. Consistently low ratings may lead to deactivation.

   - Complaints: Record of complaints may result in temporary suspension or deactivation if deemed valid.


2. Fraud:

   - Fraudulent activity leads to immediate and permanent deactivation of associated accounts.


3. False Information:

   - Providing false, inaccurate, or misleading festival information results in immediate and permanent bans.


4. Discrimination:

   - Discrimination based on various characteristics leads to permanent deactivation.


5. Compliance with the Law:

   - Festivals must comply with all relevant national and local laws. Violations may lead to loss of access to WFCN.


Reinstatement after Deactivation:

   - Festivals deactivated for quality reasons may be considered for reactivation after providing proof of improvement.


WFCN Community Guidelines:


1. Content Ownership:

   - Share only photos and videos you've taken or have the right to share.


2. Appropriateness:

   - Post photos and videos appropriate for a diverse audience. No nudity or explicit content, except for certain contexts like breastfeeding, health-related situations, or acts of protest.


3. Authenticity:

   - Use authentic content, and do not post anything copied or collected from the internet without the right to do so.


4. Identity:

   - While real names are not mandatory, accurate user information is required. No impersonation or misleading accounts.


5. Legal Compliance:

   - Users must follow the law. Terrorism support, organized crime, hate groups, and certain trades are prohibited. Zero tolerance for child porn.


6. Respect:

   - Respect others in the community. No threats, hate speech, blackmail, or harassment. Encouraging violence or attacking based on various characteristics is not allowed.


7. Newsworthy Events:

   - Be considerate when posting newsworthy events. Graphic violence may be removed to maintain appropriateness for all users.


Community Strength:

   - Each user is essential to the community. Report content that violates guidelines, and unfollow or block users for content disagreements that do not violate guidelines.