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Amudhavanan P
Amudhavanan P
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2019 QUOTA Amudhavanan P


Amudhavanan, as his name itself indicates uniqueness and difference in creating the world a better place to live in, has spent his childhood ages in Chennai. Born on 3rd November 1977, and always had a thirst for learning from his childhood. He spent his childhood amidst of people with different lifestyles with different social status which paved way for the man to have a practical approach for everything in life. To a man of motives, all roads lead to success but to a man of hard work, all success follow him on his roads – which would be the appropriate quote for this man of hard work. His involvement, dedication, trustworthy in his work made the man who he is right now.

Amudhavanan went through many experiences in the field of marketing, finance and service from his young age. He acquired his interpersonal skill in grooming his humorous nature. His corporate experience begun from Sundaram Home Finance to Tata Motor Finance made him energetic and dynamic in addressing public financial statements and had won many awards for his unbelievable service for Eleven years. He has been admired by many and is a live role model for his followers indeed. His energetic and dynamic approach has mesmerized many. He gives instant solutions for all problems which were once thought unsolvable. His interest in the upbringing of society is clearly visible in his movie. He feels that his growth is complete only with a responsible society, with a promising future. He believes the people with actions and not with mere ideas. His spontaneous decision making skill is also one of the reasons for his drastic growth in career.

This overall experience and his thirst for knowledge made him to put hands in the film industry. He has directed two movies. His first film VERULI shares the social message shows his interest to take some public responsibility. His multi-talented nature was well admired by the people around him. His second movie QUOTA relates the underprivileged children with families whose dues are yet a question in society. Even before hitting the silver screen, this film has achieved 30 Awards and 3 Officially Selected under various categories in the International Film Festivals like Crown Wood International Film Festival, White Unicorn International Film Festival, Lift-off-UK, Druk International Film Festival - Bhutan, World Film Carnival - Singapore, Calcutta International Film Festival, Virgin Spring Cinefest and so on. QUOTA has created a remarkable expectation in the public.



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Amudhavanan P
Amudhavanan P
Amudhavanan P